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transforms the color space-time

PAINTEC is a modern company specialized in the production of coatings and finishes for the building, as well as glazes and paints for iron and wood.
The company was founded in 1997 for the specific desire to preserve and consolidate the experience of paint Kroma, an important active business in the sector since 1946.
Thanks to innovations in the production cycle and technologically advanced, could Paintec and continues to ensure effective production and controlled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Today the company offers a wide range of products: quality solutions, is able to respond to current market standards and the need of the most specific and specialized, thus characterizing a competence Paintec created to last.

Paintec activity is carried out in a modern factory in the industrial zone of Monastier of Treviso, where qualified and skilled staff works to create products that are divided into three lines: